Sunday, June 12, 2011

One Village One India-Primary School Building and Facilities

We have provided the required land and facilities for the school building and have been working closely with the faculty since then.

You Can Contribute in Four Different Ways For a Better India
1)Monetary Help
2)Take up similar projects in your villages/towns.We can guide/help
3)Create and Spread awareness on the social and political issues/evils.
4)Spread the word through every possible channel  and inspire others.

One easy way to spread the word is by joining(Like) our Facebook page.One click can make a difference.

Update on the Organization Registration

We have worked with Iskcon Orphanage Bangalore ,Chavidy Orphanage Hyderabad in the past.The village development activities we undertook were in the supervision of the local charitable bodies like Chalama Reddy Charitable Trust.We are in the process of registering One India One Village Charitable Trust and i will keep you posted.Until then share your ideas,work ,knowing more about our countries history, create awareness and keep inspiring.

Every Child Deserves an Education.Together We Can!

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