Tuesday, June 21, 2011

From an NRI to an NRI : Unity and Clarity

Thanks to all those inspirational Indians Abroad who re-wrote the fate of several villages and thousands of people back home. Thanks to all those NRIs who have changed the lives of many family members. Far from our country I see more love for her and her culture. At the same time there exits that self denial which I feel is a result of ignorance or lack of knowledge. As we participate in the cultural events organized by various Indian Organizations here I was saddened to see these organizations managed by highly qualified people were divided on the basis of caste and want of power. In the race for superiority and dominance I have seen friends supporting corrupt leaders and film stars. I have heard colleagues maligning the very nation which awarded them their degree. These issues when consciously realized and addressed will do wonders not only for us but for our Country and for generations to come no matter where you live.
There is nothing wrong in having an organization for a group of people who speak the same language or belong to a religion or regional background. But it does no good if these organizations keep breaking down on the basis of caste and power. Along with those big organizations like ATA (American Telugu Association) and TANA (Telugu Association of North America) which have split in to multiple pieces, I have seen it happening at a city level with organizations which has a few hundred members. During the recent Tri-Valley University incident where several Indian students were victims of a fraud these organizations were competing with each other spending money and time on publicity. And that is just one example. Instead if they function as one organization the problems like these will never happen in the first place. The One voice of us has the power to resolve all the immigration issues in a day.
Like all those commodities that come here from India we are also of the export quality. It is not an exaggeration to say that the entire computer world will be on its knees if all the Indian Software engineers take a day off. Imagine all those smart people working together for a better India. While we continuously spend time learning our subject matters we should also know the facts of our vast history and current affairs/issues. How will you marching in the roads of Los Angeles change anything in India? .How is you flying on a special flight to support a recently launched political party going to change anything?  .When you support a political leader or an organization develop some clarity of thought on why you are doing it .Don’t sell your emotions to the hype created by these political scoundrels .Instead of trusting a leader or an organization you can directly help someone in need if that is your unselfish intention. The happiness in helping another human in need is unlimited happiness.
Don’t let your tolerance be mistaken for your innocence and do not let anyone intimidate you. Stick to your principles and values and say no to anything and anyone asking for a compromise. You were born and brought up in this very old country which is filled with pollution and corruption. If you find happiness in your current life and place, so be it. It is you who has got used to the comforts and grown soft .But never talk low about our Nation which has asked you nothing in return for what it has given you and for the spiritual knowledge it has to offer when the decent of your life begins. Far in the course of the history every country and its culture will degenerate. If required stand with courage against the ignorant herd but do not spread the wrong message.
Always remember that we are all branches of the same tree whose roots and culture have spread across several thousand years. We will survive only as long as we are connected to the tree. We are a unique country built on diversity and we can go separate routes to preserve the same. But when and where required we should function as one unit. Only that togetherness has helped us survive and preserve the oldest civilization and culture on the planet and only that unity will help us rise to what we can be and what we once were.
Together we will not dominate the world but make it a better place to live. One Village One India.

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