Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Service With Love This Moment

There is no limit to how much we can keep for ourselves and how much material we accumulate over time. But the more we accrue the less space there is for inner peace and spiritual upliftment.I have read that somewhere in Californiasome morning’s people pay tolls for the ten cars behind them. What a way to kick start our day.There are no strict rules out there on when to serve and how to serve, but no matter where we are on this planet there are always people we can serve.

Drop the change in the donations box as we pay for our morning coffee or breakfast.

Share a happy moment in our personal or work life by taking our colleagues or friends for a treat.

Share our joy by greeting the person that cleans our trash at work with a gift card every festival season.

Remember and contribute one percent of our trips cost to feed the tiny stomachs that wait for a few grains of rice around the world, every time we go on an all inclusive vacation

Send out a check to a non profit orphanage or pay the fees for a kid’s one year education on our kids first day to school.

Work at an old age home or community center or a religious place that serves food for those in need on our birthdays or anniversaries.

Every time we do selfless service we will be rewarded with more than what we put out there. There was a sign on our high school dais which read "Service with Love". Service with love is a sentence that goes beyond its meaning and fills our hearts with joy when applied every moment, this very moment. It is the first step towards the divine and it is the first step towards inner peace.

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